Two Months In, One Week Down

I spent almost eight full weeks looking for a place to live in Madrid. I assumed that having a secure base would allow me to finally establish a more permanent routine of learning, earning, and burning money & free time doing fun things in the capital of an incredible country. But instead I spent three out of four of my working days this week in bed. And Friday  and  Saturday too for good measure. Continue reading


On Failure

It’s 2:40am on a Saturday, in Southampton, and I can’t sleep. Because I failed again this week. And indeed again, and again, and again.

A friend of mine (and a few others) have told me that I’m special. That I’m going to go far, and that people need strong personalities like my own, even if it intimidates them. A not even slight secret about me: I’m bad at keeping my mouth shut. If you get me to talk, then I talk a lot, and I do so passionately. And I’m never shy to disagree when I see something that contradicts my values and my viewpoint. Maybe all of that’s why I seem to fail so much when I have to rely on the opinions of other people* to achieve success. Continue reading

Welcome, Take A Seat, I’m Sorry

Pardon me while this post becomes unbearably meta.

Introductions are one of the hardest parts for me to write in just about anything. Just now, I’ve rewritten that sentence at least three times, in the attempt to find the right level of bold statement vs. actual truthfulness, swerving away from hyperbole at the same time, and crashing into a wall of awfulness. Introductions are difficult in nearly every sense of the word “introduction”,  whether it be in writing, to a waiting audience, or a complete stranger. For instance, while, in the eyes of some of my closest friends I’m excellent at socialising, the further out along the radius of my circle you go, the less common that thought will be. Because I’m also quite shy and nervous about talking to new people or people I don’t know too well. Usually once the simple introduction is done with however, it gets better from there. Anyway, I digress. Continue reading