The Edge Reviews the Classics: Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan

This article was originally published to The Edge on 12th February 2016

There’s a lot of dystopian fiction in the world. Some of it focuses on the youth replacing, or being used by, the old. Then there are the post-apocalyptic scenarios where everything resets, especially societal norms. There’s even unease and heady dystopian elements in the modern world. Everywhere you look, especially on the internet, there are political, racial, and gender-based conflicts and inequalities. Continue reading


All I’ve Done This Summer is: read The Establishment by Owen Jones

This article was originally published to The Edge on 13th August 2015

The eponymous entity of Owen Jones’ book is defined by him at the outset. It is not some cloak and daggers conspiracy organisation, but more similar to a collective noun for the attitudes of people in power who want to keep it that way and the people and tools used to help them. An establishment of Rupert Murdochs, for linguistic reference. This information is important because it’s perhaps the best way to get the people who maybe need this book the most to read it. And that’s the people who voted for the Conservative government. Continue reading