Review: The Spitfires – A Thousand Times

This article was originally published to The Edge on  14th August 2016

Here’s how I imagine The Spitfires’ elevator pitch for A Thousand Times going down: “Imagine you’re standing in a lift listening to the tame, boisterous, and uninventive pop sounds of elevator music, timidly conducted through the air. Suddenly, the brakes screech, you judder to a halt, and the music continues; now it’s far louder. The sound of the brakes continues as you’re brought painfully slowly down the shaft in this metal torture box that refuses to give you the rapid and sweet release of death from an aural nightmare of the soul-crushingly boring, and the ear-splittingly horrific. We’re going to make an album out of that experience!” Continue reading


Review: Globelamp – The Orange Glow

This article was originally published to The Edge on 10th August 2016

Perhaps Elizabeth Le Fey, the girl behind the solo act that is Globelamp, should have written a book rather than make an album. Globelamp emerged after her own exit from Foxygen, which later completely split up.The Orange Glow is her second record, reportedly written “as a reflection of the last year and a half and how [she]got out of it alive.” That period included both a breakup and the death of her best friend so it’s hardly like she has nothing to draw on, but this occasionally ethereal fairytale fails to get across the devastating power of those experiences. Continue reading