Review: Britney Spears feat. Iggy Azaelea – ‘Pretty Girls’

This article was originally published to The Edge on 15th June 2015

‘Pretty Girls’ is a funhouse mirror version of 2014’s ‘Fancy’. Taking every flaw, repetitive note, and icky message and amplifying them by a factor of 20, erasing all the charm and then adding an extra 15% of annoyance by giving it the past-it Britney and the unquestionably rubbish Azalea more play.

“From Australia round to LA” is not actually far at all, nor are the cultures so different that this lyric is anything but an annoying filler. The construction of everything musical is hollow and boring. Clapping, repetitive and boring drums, staccato and uninspiring melodies that sound like a play-in-reverse of ‘Fancy’. It’s so calculatedly constructed to resemble a hit, the worst part is that it could possibly become one.

Worst of all is the lyrics. Self-congratulatory, arrogant, and centred around infuriatingly ancient ideas, with no respect at all, they are all the worst parts of RnB with little to no inventiveness, or an ounce of charm.

‘Pretty Girls’ is out now via RCA.


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